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Inventor of the Band-Aid: Earle Dickson

October 27, 2010

                   In 1921, Earle Dickson, a cotton farmer and Johnson and Johnson employee in New Brunswick, took note of his wife’s nicks, cuts and burns which were caused during housework and kitchen duties, and sought to remedy the poor condition of her injuries.

The notion struck him to use ordinary cotton gauze held down by a piece of surgical tape to protect the cuts on his wife’s hands, but soon discovered that they were little use for Josephine’s busy fingers. And so he took a smaller piece of gauze, place it in the center of the tape, and wrapped it in crinoline to keep the wound both sterile and safe.  According to;

James Wood Johnson, his boss, liked his idea especially because without any fuss, it could be put together in 30 seconds, and so he decided to put it into production. In 1924, Johnson & Johnson installed machines to mass-produce Dickson’s one-time homemade bandages. Following the commercial success of his design, Dickson was promoted to Vice President of the company.”


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